General Data: USMC Design: USMC Hullnumber: Name of Ship:
EC2-S-C1 MCE-2084 William S.Ladd
Official Number or Navy Hull Call Signal: Flag: Homeport:
244.274 KYOE US Portland, Oregon
Yard Number Building Way or Basin: Name of Building- or Conversion Yard:
762 8 Oregon SB Corp.,Portland,Or
Contract and Price Data: Type of Contract: Contract Price: Final Price: Difference between CP and FP:
$0,00  CP $1.000.000,00 $664.821,00  -33.52%
USMC Contract Number: Contract Date: Contract Delivery Date: Named
MCc-13101 12-24-42 11-28-43 07-31-43
Building Data: Laiddown/Start of Conversion: Launched: Delivered / Cancelled Sponsor:

08-29-43 12:00AM

09-13-43 12:00AM

09-20-43 12:00AM

Mrs.Chris J.???
Days on Way: Days on Dock: Days Total:
15 Days  7 Days  22 Days 
Owner: Operator:

Weyerhaeuser Steamship Co.